Why protected area networks are networks?

2020-07-15 13.52.50

Couple months ago I got contacted by the family of the late Prof Ilkka Hanski. After Ilkka past away, his family started to build a small nature reserve network in Virolahti, South-East Finland, where Ilkka’s father’s family was from. The network, called the Ilkka Hanski Nature Network, has some 11 protected areas currently, ranging from wetlands to Boreal forests and open rocky islands at the Baltic Sea.

I was invited to write a blog post on the network’s website. Particularly, they asked if I could write some words to explain why protected area networks are networks. As a conservation biologist, I’ve honestly never really spent too much time thinking about why that is – I’ve just always accepted that that’s how they work. So it was an interesting and fun exercise to try to answer the question.

You can find the blog in English here and in Finnish here.

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