About Me

I am currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne. I joined the Quantitative and Applied Ecology group (QAECO) in August 2012 and have been working with Brendan Wintle for various NERP and NCCARF projects on climate change impacts on Australian threatened species and improving biodiversity outcomes in Strategic Assessments of regional development plans. I recently started a new position with Jane Elith and Jose Lahoz-Monfort, focusing on uncertainty in biodiversity data in conservation decisions. Before migrating to Australia I was based at the University of Helsinki, Finland, where I did my MSc and PhD with Dr Mar Cabeza in the Metapopulation Research Group (MRG). My PhD focused on uncertainties of doing conservation planning under climate change, during which I got involved with several aspects of climate change conservation: how do we observe changes in species distributions, validate modeled predictions or do robust conservation prioritization?

The main focus of my work has always been in systematic conservation planning and climate change. I am particularly interested in conservation optimization but also in bringing together different types of data to better understand what is really going on with this climate change business. I haven’t really specialized myself to any specific species or taxa, but somehow I often end up working with birds. I also spend way too much time in front of a computer than any self-respecting biologist should.

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