New study: Which species drive my conservation priorities?


Pilot whale wondering where to go next. —- Photo by By Barney Moss (Watching Whales 4) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

In conservation planning, we often need to divide resources between multiple species. As conservation budgets virtually never meet the needs of adequate conservation, it’s important that every dollar is spent efficiently. Since many conservation actions have a spatial component, that is, they include the question of where the money should be spent, the question of how to divide resources quickly becomes about how to divide them between locations. Continue reading


How climate change will impact the tree of life of Australian eucalypts

We already know that climate change will force species to shift their distributions as climate zones move towards poles and to higher altitudes with increasing global temperatures. Several studies have looked at how biodiversity patterns across countries and continents are likely to change as a result, but fewer have taken the extra step to explore what these changes mean for the tree of life, that is, to the evolutionary lineages of biodiversity. Continue reading